5 Gadgets you never knew existed

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5 Gadgets you never knew existed:

If you were looking out for the most exciting and interesting gadgets from across the globe, then you are at the right place as here we bring you the list of 5 Gadgets you never knew existed. Get ready to enthral yourself to a list of gadgets that are original,unusual and novel in the world of gadgets. If these 5 Gadgets you never knew existed does not quench your quest for gadgets then head to the India Gadget Expo, organized in Hyderabad from June 19, 2014 – June 22, 2014 at the Hitex where you are sure to experience the best of gadgets from across the world. 

Sen.se Mother:This wonder gadget,which was launched to keep track of all the everyday activities of the user like eating, steps you take, where your kids are etc., by connecting to the home network. In short it is a bizarre yet useful device to keep a track on all your tasks while looking at you with its green glowing eyes.

Intel Mimo Baby:

Not exactly a product, but rather something that shows off a product, in which a  tiny Intel processor called Edison,which is capable of powering sensors that can monitor a baby and relay the information to the parents. The device would help the parents monitor everything from the breathing of the baby.

TrewGrip Keyboard:

This keyboard would be most appealing for the accordion players, which is a  Bluetooth keyboard that can be attached to the smartphones or tablets. The keys on this keyboard are placed on the backside, making the users type by feel. The keyboard is believed to increase the typing speed of the users as compared to the traditional keyboard.

Kooky Keecker Projector on Wheels:

Kooky Keecker is a 1080p projector on the wheels, which would enable the users to take entertainment to anywhere they wish. This fun and portable projector on wheels could be used not just for playing movies, but also for gaming, which would make travelling a fun thing to do. 

LG chatty fridges and washing machines:

The LG chatty fridges and washing machine are powered by an app called HomeChat, which can be operated via the smart phone of a user. These home appliances would send SMSes to the user when the need arises like the completion of washing clothes, etc.

While some of these are the result of good intentions gone, well, a bit awry, a few others are demonstration of an imaginative idea running a bit too wild. Yet they are all aimed at making the life of their users simpler and easier. If you are looking for more such exciting gadgets and updates from the industry head to the India Gadget Expo. 

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