Social Media Day 2014

Social Media Day 2014

Social Media Day 2014:

Social Media has changed the life of everyone across the globe immensely over the past few years and commemorating this change is the celebration of the World Social Media Day that is observed every year on June 30. There are numerous events organized across the globe relating to Social Media on this day, which seeks to bring together professionals from various platform coming together to discuss the issues relating to social media.

Social Media Day 2014 is an event, which is being organized on the eve of the World Social Media Day in Hyderabad. As the event is organized on the eve of the World Social Media Day, i.e., on 29, June 2014, the event would seek to highlight all the aspects of social media and how the industry has made a significant contribution in the life of everyone.

The Social Media Day 2014 event is being organized at the EThames Degree College where the event would connect all the great minds working in the industry. iDoneSEO,which pioneers in organizing Digital Marketing events, is back with an event on Social Media and Digital Marketing for all the practising professionals on the account of the World Social Media Day.

Social Media Day 2014 would serve as an amazing learning opportunity and knowledge sharing platform as the event would have in attendance several pioneering speakers addressing the gathering, followed by a quality networking session.

Some of the key topics to be emphasised at the event are as follows:

 “Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing” by Anil Rao: This session would as the name suggests would dwell upon the various developments in the digital marketing spectrum. The session would be headed by Mr. Anil Rao, who works as the online marketing strategics and expansion efforts at Dimension Advisory.

 “Social Media for Beginners”  by Swathi Reddy: This session would provide teachings in the basics of social media for those who plan towards making a mark in the Social Media by learning the basics.

Social media for Small Businesses” by Harini Prabhu: Social Media Marketing has a strong impact on the marketing efforts of organizations of all statures and so is the case even with the small businesses and this session would enlighten the participants on the effective strategies for the use of social media for small businesses.

 “Value of Competitor analysis in Social Media” by David Bajam : It is important to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and competitors in every marketing strategy and so is the case with Social Media Marketing. David Bajam in this session would teach the participants the nuances of understanding the value of competitor analysis in Social Media. 

The most important session of the day. We will have all the speakers available on the stage for a freewheeling chat on SEO, Social Media and most importantly to answer any questions you have. So, make sure you are at the EThames Degree College  on 29, June 2014 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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