Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading Course:

It is always amusing to know what we have in store for us in the future and explore the world of mysticism. One such wonderful way to explore the future is the art of Tarot Card reading. Tarot card reading has been in existence since the mid 15th century in Europe, which was considered as a pack of playing cards consisting 78 cards.

However, by the 18th century tarot card was found to be having an element of mysticism and occultists in their efforts towards divination or to map the mental and spiritual pathways of people. Since then, tarot card reading has been seen as the renowned form of art.

Be it the excitement to explore the mystic doors of the future or the mere act of learning an art that amuses many, Tarot Card Reading Course has had many takers always. Here is your chance to get a sneak peek into your future as the Tarot Card Reading Course would take place in Delhi from 10 am to 12 pm on June 14, 2014. 

During this workshop the participants would be provided training in the art of tarot card reading starting from the basics. The workshop is open for anyone who has a desire to learn the art of tarot card reading and has crossed the age of Intermediate and above.

The workshop would go one for Seven Classes of theory of two hour duration each twice a week, followed by Eight Practice Sessions of two hour duration each twice a week where the students can learn all about the art and also get their doubts clarified.

What will the students learn:

  • Brief History of Tarot & How Tarot works.
  • How Tarot is useful in Day-to-Day Life.
  • Major Arcana & Minor Arcana.
  • Various Spreads (like Three Card, Horse Shoe, and Celtic Cross etc.)
  • How to read Tarot Cards for yourself and friends.
  • Wheel of Life.
  • Pendulum Dousing.
  • Use of Healing Crystals.
  • Psychology of Tarot.
  • Client Reading Skills.
  • Tarot & Divination.
  • Tarot & Divination: Introduction
  • Cleansing and Charging of Cards

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