HSR 10K Freedom Run Bangalore

HSR 10K Freedom Run

HSR 10K Freedom Run Bangalore:

What was once known as the garden city of India is now covered in dust and pollution as the tall buildings and urbanization seem to engulf the forests to build a concrete jungle. This would result in immense harm to the planet and its beings as there would be an irreparable damage to the ecological balance. This is not the scenario in just Bangalore, but across the globe, which has been a raising concern among people from across the globe resulting in the rapid growth of activity groups who are striving to raise awareness. 

The HSR 10K Freedom Run Bangalore is one such activity where a marathon would be hosted on the Independence day to raise awareness about the need to protect greenery and save the lakes of Bangalore. Starting at the Freedom International School, HSR Layout, the marathoners would cover a distance of ten kilometers in a span of three hours while spreading the message of conserving the ecological balance. 

This marathon is a result of the increasing levels of pollution in the city and the decreasing number of lakes and plants as a result of urbanization. During the marathon all the like minded and concerned citizens would be uniting to join hands on a day that the nation would cherish the most, i.e., the Independence Day. 

 Additional information about the HSR 10K Freedom Run Bangalore:

All the participants of the HSR 10K Freedom Run Bangalore  would have to collect their bibs at the city office of the Kaagaz Foundation,which is organizing this event. The organization works with the mission of promoting sustainable development among the students of the underprivileged kids and enabling Enviro-Socio-Economic opportunities to lesser privileged.

Apart from the noble cause that the participants would be supporting and raising awareness as a part of the marathon, they would also have the chance of winning a cash award, on completing the marathon in the first three positions. Other related information about the event and the route map would be shared via an email with the registered participants.

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