Go Wild Travel Photography to Ranthambhore

Go Wild Travel Photography

Go Wild Travel Photography to Ranthambhore

Explore the forests of Ranthambore and lose yourself in the beauty of the wild and shoot them in a way that they would live forever. The Go Wild Travel Photography by the Beyond Wild, is back yet again with a wildlife travel and photography event, where the participants would get to explore the royalty of Rajasthan to the fullest.

Ranthambhore is an abode for numerous mighty tigers, which have been going scarce.

Not just the tigers the royalty of the state is reflected everywhere including the parks and forest, which home numerous animals.

The Ranthambhore fort shines as a proud jewel in the crown of the Royal Rajasthan with the tigers roaming around free as the current rulers of the forest and wildlife kingdom. At the Ranthambore forest, the visitors would get to come face to face with the tigers during the open safari rides.

Not just the animals like tigers, the fort, the nilgai, wild boar, sambar, hyena, sloth bear and chital, the flora of Ranthambore is also something to watch out for, so pack your bags and head to this amazing wildlife photography event, where the fun and adventure of photography would come alive.

During the six days trip the participants would get to explore the magnificence of the city and click their way through the forest as they might be in luck of getting a glimpse of the 4 gorgeous tiger cubs along with their mother, which is now an everyday site for the forest visitors.

The trip would kickstart in Mumbai on June 17, 2014 at 9:00 am and would reach the destination by the second day, which would be followed by a brief discussion on the activities to be done over the next few days, followed by a brief session on the various opportunities for photography in the forest by the industry pioneers. This would be followed by a visit to the Ranthambore fort in the evening.

After a day long photoshoot in the forest of Ranthambore on day three, there would be a walking trail along with the experts, which might provide the participants with an opportunity to view leopards, birds and sloth bears, just as many of the previous visitors have seen in the past.

The group would pack and resume to Mumbai after the four days of adventure and around three safari rides around the Ranthambore forest in an attempt to capture all the animals that have eluded them on the previous trips. Hurry and book your tickets now for encapsulating memories worth a lifetime in a span of just six days.

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