PEHCHAAN, YOU in the Eyes of Others

PEHCHAAN YOU in the Eyes of Others

PEHCHAAN, YOU in the Eyes of Others:

We are constantly judging someone and being judged and every minute there is someone who is making their first impressions on us even before they have actually conversed with us. This makes it important to have a pleasing and appealing personality that everyone would like to connect to and build a positive relation with and this is where image consulting comes into play. 

So, What is Image Consulting?

Image consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate and attractive appearance for any personal, social or professional situation — to dress with substance and style.

The PEHCHAAN, YOU in the Eyes of Others is a one day workshop that would help people work towards building a better personality that would be universally appealing. The workshop would not just help you develop a pleasing personality, it would also boost your confidence, giving you a higher edge in achieving success over your peers. 

The event would help the participants focus on their inner image and be closer to oneself, which people fail to do owing to their hectic work schedules. Each participant would be provided with individual sessions where they would be provided guidance, considering the lifestyles, roles and goals of the individuals. 

The event, which is being organized Pan India is an initiative by the Image Mantra and the Image Palette, both of which are pioneering organizations in the field of image consulting. The workshop is organized in numerous cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad (June 14, 2014), Surat (June 21,2014) and Vadodara (June 28,2014)

What can you expect to learn at the PEHCHAAN, YOU in the Eyes of Others

Elements of Image – Clothing

  • Lifestyle evaulation for better understanding and self lifestyle.
  • International Style scale for appropriate dressing.
  • Tips on choosing Colors – Some classic colour combinations which are always acceptable.
  • Cluster concept of clothing for variety in dressing and affordability. 

Elements of Image – Grooming

  • Tips on personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Usage of accessories for attractive appearance.

Elements of Image – Body Language and Etiquette

  • Corporate body language.
  • General etiquette basket.
  • Power poses for effective non verbal communication.

The registration for PEHCHAAN, YOU in the Eyes of Others in your respective city can be done by clicking on the city name and date given below. 

Ahmedabad (June 14, 2014)

Surat (June 21,2014) 

Vadodara (June 28,2014)

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