Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh

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Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh
Human Brain is an immensely powerful machine,which is capable of processing information better and faster than any supercomputer would and it is this charm of the brain that sets us apart from all the other beings in the planet.

However, it has been proved time and again that human beings do not use their brain to its full potential and as they age the percentage of the brain they use keeps decreasing. A recent study also proved that the size of the human brain has been decreasing and since the end of the last Ice Age, the size of the human brain has come down by around 150 cubic cms, which is amounts for a tennis ball’s worth of neurons in volume.

Most of this is due to the domesticated lifestyle that we tend to lead where we seldom go around exploring the potential of the brain. The Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh is an event, which would help people unleash the potential of their brain by tapping the power of the mind.

Post the workshop the participants would be able to learn innovative methods of handling problems, by boosting the creativity. The participants would also be able to master the cutting-edge mind tools and technologies to overcome roadblocks, and for negotiations.

About Sunil Parekh?

Sunil Parekh is an internationally reputed Success Coach, Human Potential Trainer and a Mind Power Expert, along with being an engineer. Sunil has been instrumental in transforming over 17,000 lives through his seminars and workshops. He currently works as the CEO and Managing Director of RISE Development Academy.

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