Lior Suchard Live in Chennai

Lior Suchard Live in Chennai

Lior Suchard Live in Chennai:

Have you ever thought that someone could be reading your mind and know all that is running in your head without you having to utter a single word? Someone who can change the way you think without having to lecture you for hours? We can hear a resounding no, well behold those skeptic thoughts as the master of mind reading, Lior Suchard is coming to India to enthrall people with his exceptional skills on June 15, 2014 at the Hilton, Gandhi Nagar from 6:30 pm – 7:05 pm.

About Lior Suchard:

Lior Suchard is a master mentalist, who has left the audience from across the globe spellbound with his  mystical mind reading skills, disarming sense of humor and not to mention his mesmerizing performance who holds the title of being the world’s greater mentalist. 

Not just that, his exceptional skills of delving into the inner most thoughts of people and influencing their thought process has earned him international acclaim as the most skilled supernatural entertainer of his times. He created a sensation when we was crowned as ‘The Successor’ to officially take over the celebrated mystifier, Uri Geller in a highly acclaimed reality television show. 

Adding to his skills as an immensely talented mentalist is his innate ability to deliver a complete package of entertainment, which keeps his patrons hooked as his performances and supernatural feats are far beyond what one would comprise under the umbrella of telepathy and mind reading.

At the very young age of  27, Suchard has rose to become the heir apparent of Uri Geller, who is the the self-described Israeli “mystifier” who rose to fame by bending spoons seemingly only with the power of his mind. Apart from performing at live stage shows where he picks up his subjects randomly from the audience to impressive live television shows, Lior Suchard also trains people to meditate and focus better in life and also to boost their creativity.

He has also authored a book called the “Mind Reader,” which promises to teach everyone the art of being a mentalist on reading the book. 

During one of his earlier visits to the sub continent, he had stated that the people here posses “amazing energy,” which motivates him to perform more shows here. And true to his promise Lior Suchard is back in India to perform at the Hilton, Gandhi Nagar on June 15, 2014.

If you wish to experience the magic of mind reading or to brush away your skepticism then book your tickets now.

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