Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer)

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Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer):

As the Summer approaches, the students are under the pressure to find a good internship that would boost their career and add value to their resume. So, if you are an automobiles enthusiasts then consider yourself lucky as you have landed in the right place where you would get to find the best internship programs happening across the country in the most reputed institution that you could have ever heard of.

Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) is being organized by the MetaWing Technologies as a part of the National Technology Awareness Campaign, which is Asia’s Largest Campaign for Automobile and IT Technology. Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) would be hosted on a pan India basis, where the students can unite to learn, share knowledge and gain hands on experience. 

The workshops would stretch over a period of 90 hours of training i.e., around 12 days where the students would get to learn all about the basics of designing and product development in their selected genre of interest.The Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) is an ideal program for students as in the current world of cut throat competition, theoretical knowledge alone would take a person no where and it requires students to possess immense amount of practical and industry knowledge to excel in their career. 

The Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) would go beyond the conventional class room lectures where the students are mere consumers of knowledge, where an internship of this kind would provide them the opportunity to learn real time work and benefit from the experience as they would be industry ready. 

The Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) is being organized in all the major cities of the sub-continent to ensure that the students from across the globe have the opportunity to benefit by being a part of Asia’s Largest Campaign for Automobile and IT Technology. The Industry Internship Program 2014 (Summer) would kickstart in Chennai at the Hindustan University on June 16 and would go on upto June 27, 2014. This would be followed by the internship program in Hyderabad from, June 23- July 4, 2014. 

The internship program would then go on to take place in Bangalore from Gujarat from July 6-July 17, 2014,Delhi from July 10 – July 21, 2014, Indore July 14- July 25, 2014. 

These apart the MetaWing Technologies is also organizing training programs for students in the field of IT Security and Network Security and Android Application Development in New Delhi from June 23- August 8, 2014 at the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi. At these workshops there would be a series of sessions and workshops that would provide the participants (students) hands on experience about the topics while also serving as a platform for knowledge sharing.

To know more and to register for the events please visit Alternatively you can also click on the event name or city to register for the event in the city of your choice. 

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