Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa

Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa

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Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa:

Social Media has now emerged to be on par with what was otherwise considered as the mainstream media and is the most powerful form to engage people with the brands, products and ideas, for organizations. These changing dimensions have forced organizations to switch for an alternative paradigm of marketing.

There is also a constant rise in the number of people who wish to make a career in social media marketing, after all who would not want to make money out of something that people waste hours over. However, it takes a bit of extra effort and guidance for people to master the way social media marketing would work well for the business.

“How can I build a successful career in social media?”

“Can social media really help me sell my products online?”

“Does social media have the potential to build my brand?”

If these are the questions that are ringing on the top of your head currently then, you are at the right place as we have the best in class social media workshop awaiting you in the national capital Delhi.

The Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa would be ideal for everyone ranging from students, to brand managers and business owners as social media is the hottest buzzing place in town and everybody wants to try to make the most out of it. In other words, social media marketing has gone beyond being a mere platform for connecting with family and friends to becoming a business utility.

Social Media has built successful career for thousands of people over the past few years and this is your chance to make a fortune as the Pioneer in the Social Media Marketing Industry, the Social Samosa would be organizing a two day workshop called the Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa. The Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa would equip the participants with all the key skills required to harness the potential of social media.

What would you get to learn at the Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa?

  • Module that is relevant to the industry
  • Real-life case studies
  • Learn from the pioneers
  • Convenient training schedule

The best in class course outline and the wonderful line up of course instructors make it ideal for people to attend this  Social Media 101 Workshop by Social Samosa organized at the Clarens Hotel, Gurgaon from 10am to 6pm on  14th & 15th June, 2014. So, hurry and register no by visiting

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