Renergy 2014 Chennai

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Renergy 2014 Chennai:

The World Environment Day was celebrated on the June 5, 2014, just as it happens every year, and this year also there was the universal call for switching to alternative sources of energy and the need to preserve the environment as we have been losing on precious irredeemable energy. 

So what exactly does one mean by Renewable energy or ‎Renewable resource?

Renewable energy or ‎Renewable resource: Renewable energy or ‎Renewable resource refers to the energy that is available naturally and would  replenish,which is why renewable energy is also referred to as Green Energy.. For instance, energy resources like the Sun, Water, Wind and Biomass (Vegetation) were available naturally in the nature and would be recreated over time. However, on the other hand reserves like coal,natural gas, etc., never  replenish. 

 Why opt for Renewable Energy?

As said earlier renewable energy is available naturally and would be renewed over a period in time, which makes it the ideal source to lookup for energy needs as compared to resources that are scare and might disappear over time leaving a permanent imbalance in the ecology.

So it is ideal to look up for alternative sources of energy like the  Biomass, Wind, Hydro-power, Geothermal and Solar, etc., which can be converted into electricity, stored and transported to the households for everyday use. The significance of the alternative sources of energy is yet to be realized by many as the renewable energy industry has been growing immensely across the globe and this is evident from the fact that approximately 20% of the electricity produced globally in the year 2009 came from renewable resources. Out of which, the hydro-power accounted for about 16%.

Renergy 2014 Chennai

Renergy 2014 Chennai

The renewable energy industry has surely grown immensely over the years and the contributions have been on a constant high,which is a positive development for the world in general and developing nations in particular as the highest amount of energy conservation happens in the developing nations. 

Governments from across the world have been trying to promote the renewable energy industry and encourage the citizens towards adapting to the use of renewable energy, for sustainable development. These practices are also prevalent in India,where households using renewable energy resources like solar energy are provided with a subsidy. 

However, this does not seem to be working and people are yet to embrace the use of renewable resources in their everyday life. There is also immense potential for the development of the renewable energy industry,which is why the Tamil Nadu Government in association with the  Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) is organizing the TEDA Renergy 2014 Chennai. 

The Renergy 2014 Chennai is an annual event,which seeks to bring together the industry professionals, decision makers, government authorities, students and start ups under one roof to promote the use of new and renewable sources of energy (NRSE) and to implement projects along with encouraging activities that strive towards the conservation of natural resources. Renergy 2014 Chennai would also encourage research and development in the field of renewable energy. 

The Renergy 2014 Chennai would be organized for a span of three days, i.e., from June 12-14, 2014 where it would have a series of sessions spread across the days for facilitating knowledge sharing and networking. The expo would also seek to comprehensively covers Solar, Waste to Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings and Green Mobility. 

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