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Wonder India Night Marathon Delhi:

India has been the world leader in traditions and customs since time immemorial and the world has looked upon us for the various learnings we have imparted. However, the charm has been fading off and India has been lost in the problems of the third world countries, which has made it stoop down from the position of the world leader in knowledge.

Now is the time for the nation to unite and work together towards building a stronger and powerful nation that would reckon as the pioneer for other nations to look up to. The Wonder India Night Marathon Delhi is an event,which would try to unite the people of the nation in a marathon to raise awareness about the need to motivate the youth of the nation towards taking a stand towards making the nation proud.

One prominent way to regain the lost glory of the nation and to make the country proud is by encouraging the youth in participating in an active manner in sports. It has been several years since the nation has made a mark in the global sporting event, Olympics. However, the major reason for this is that  there has been no proper guidance and encouragement for those who wish to make it big in the field of sports and athletics.

Wonder India Night Marathon Delhi would strive to spread this message of the need to encourage participation in sports as it India would emerge as a world leader only when the nation holds a top ranking in the world sporting event, Olympics.

The Wonder India Night Marathon Delhi would be organized in numerous categories to encourage versatile participation from the cross sections of the society. The categories open for participation are as follows:

Race Categories:

1) Marathon for world teacher 42k

Minimum Age -18 years as on 12.10.14

2) Wonder Marathon for world Leader -21k

Minimum Age -18 years as on 12.10.14

3) Run for Holy Yamuna River -10k

Age-15 years as on 12.10.14

4) Corporate run-10k

Minimum Age-18 years

5) Run for Amar Jawan Jyoti- 5K

Minimum Age 12 years -70 years

Participation in this would have many perks apart from building health and fitness as the marathon winners would be awarded with numerous prizes and momentums. So, hurry and grab the opportunity to make the nation proud by spreading awareness about the need for an increased participation in sports. To know more and to register for Wonder India Night Marathon Delhi please visit www.meraevents.com



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