Changemakers Confluence 2K14

Changemakers Confluence 2K14

Changemakers Confluence 2K14 The world is in dire need of dreamers and doers for achieving sustainable development and to unitedly march ahead in the path of progress. The need of the hour is to unite the nation into becoming one entity that strives to fight against the follies in the world’s largest democracy and work towards building a stronger nation that serves as an example for the world to follow.

The Changemakers Confluence 2K14 is an initiative with this mission where the Indian Youth Parliament meets to discuss the pinning concerns of the nation, the possible course of actions. So, if you are among those who is not happy with the current state of affairs then join us at the Changemakers Confluence 2K14 and deliberate on the country’s policy making and politics, role of social entrepreneurship and civic society, and walk the talk with Indian Youth Parliament.

The Changemakers Confluence 2K14 would be a four day confluence that would take place at the Ishan Institute of Management and Technology, Delhi from June 26-30,2014. With a massive participation from across the country, including the likes of over 450 corporate and students from the cross sections of the society, the event is an ideal platform to put forward your views about the current scenario and the prevailing chaos and pandemonium in the Indian Politics.

The Changemakers Confluence 2K14 thereby aims to create an ecosystem of change led by the leaders created from across divergent fields. The residential conference would be the best place to put forward your ideas and opinions about the political issues in the country, which are integral to the process of nation building.

The three day Confluence would be divided into two sections as follows:

1)   Two day extensive dialogue on varied political affairs: The idea behind this two day session is to enable the participants to shed all inhibitions and present their perceptions and convictions, deliberate, discuss and debate on issues that concern them as the future of a country that is in dire need of selfless and diligent leaders.

 2)   The final day: The final day of the confluence is going to consist of a concluding session where the matters discussed in the first two days are going to be concluded with possible solutions. Many a times our approach to the problems of our country remains confined to drawing room discussions and debate competitions in schools and colleges.

The centralised theme for the 3 days is:

Day 1 – Role of Youth in Policy Making and politics

Day 2 – Role of social-entrepreneurs and civil society in the changing dynamics of Nation-building

Day 3 – Let’s walk the talk: we are ready for Change and a better tomorrow

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